General Election: SNP hold Falkirk seat

Picture: Michael Gillen
Picture: Michael Gillen

The SNP’s John McNally is heading back to Westminster to represent Falkirk - albeit with reduced majority.

His massive 19,701 majority in 2015 was slashed to just under 5000.

However, his Nationalist supporters were delighted to hold the seat as other party members were losing theirs across the country.

Labour’s Craig Martin was 1941 votes ahead of the Tories Callum Laidlaw with the Conservatives hugely increasing their share of the vote.

The Liberal Democrat candidate - who made it on to the stage after the result was announced - received 1120 votes, closely followed by the Greens and with UKIP taking the wooden spoon.

There were 53,867 votes cast giving a turnout of 65.5 per cent.

Full result:

John McNally (SNP) - 20,952

Craig Martin (Labour) - 16,029

Callum Laidlaw (Conservative) - 14,088

Austin Reid (Lib Dem) -1120

Debra Pickering (Green) - 908

Stuart Martin (UKIP) - 712

Majority: 4923