Forth Valley group urges ‘Tell MPs to vote against May’s deal’

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The Forth Valley-based pro-Brexit group Scots For Leave says Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed deal on exiting the EU is unacceptable, because it doesn’t match her promise to safeguard British freedoms.

A Scots For Leave spokesperson said: “She has allowed the EU to create ambiguity where none should exist, and British experience with the EU proves that such ambiguity leads to future ‘reinterpretations’ of the text, never in our national interest.

“They are, quite simply, a mechanism for the EU to get its own way.

“The people know that, unlike a General Election, there is no chance of changing the deal after a few years.

“This is a very bad deal.

“The alternative is a vastly larger, rapidly growing global market, to which most of our exports go – Scottish and UK - and where we have huge opportunities. Signing this deal closes off those opportunities.”

Scots for Leave is calling on Scots MPs of all parties to reject the deal when it comes before the House of Commons, but doesn’t suggest what, if anything should take its place.

However it argues MPs won’t be punished by voters for voting down the PM’s proposals.

The spokesperson said: “A vote for this deal is for a treaty we cannot change, handing over powers over many areas of our life and business to EU control, without power to regain them, and nobody voted for that”.