Falkirk MP conducts safety review following Jo Cox murder

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Politicians have vowed to continue meetings with their constituents in the wake of the tragic death of MP Jo Cox.

However, many have reviewed security measures for them, their staff and the public following the murder of the mum-of-two in her West Yorkshire constituency last Thursday.

All have paid tribute to the MP who was only elected to Westminster last May but was seen as one of its rising stars.

Falkirk MP John McNally, who like Mrs Cox was elected to Parliament in 2015, said: “As soon as I heard of the tragic news of the Jo Cox murder, I conducted a safety review with my staff at my office in Falkirk. We had a review on all aspects of safety and, once again, I contacted the local police safety team advisors on any further advice from them.”

He added staff now had personal safety alarms and there would always be two members present at surgeries.

Mr McNally said these would continue as normal, adding: “The last thing I would ever do is back down from any threat to our democracy or meet with my constituents at any event because of a possible threat and that is what Jo Cox’s husband has stated that all MPs should continue to do.”

Martyn Day, Falkirk East MP, said his surgeries would not stop but he would continue to offer home visits to constituents as this was sometimes more appropriate. He added: “With the changing nature of business MPs are doing, a more modern approach with Skype surgeries and video calls are becoming more and more common, such are the needs of my constituents.”

Falkirk East MSP Angus MacDonald said his constituency office dealt with around 1500 cases every year. He said surgeries would continue as normal, adding: “I am proud of the fact that I am easily accessible and available for consultation with any of my constituents and I am determined to ensure that policy remains. The only change is that from now on I would ask constituents to make an appointment in advance of attending my surgery. This can have the advantage that if I know what my constituent is coming to see me about I can have the required information and advice ready in advance.”

Michael Matheson, Falkirk West MSP, said: “My feeling is that is only natural for politicians to feel more vulnerable with the tragic death of Jo Cox. Police Scotland has provided further security advice, however, as a constituency MSP, it is really important to be accessible to the people we represent and my office remains open and surgeries will continue as normal.”