Falkirk Labour set to lose seats on committees

The Labour group on Falkirk Council is expected to pay the price for losing two of its councillors recently.

By Kirsty Paterson
Monday, 6th December 2021, 9:41 am
Dennis Goldie
Dennis Goldie

A meeting of the full council on Wednesday will see Labour surrendering seats on several key committees, including the executive.

The resignation of Pat Reid saw the SNP’s Emma Russell win the Falkirk South by-election in October.

This was followed recently by Falkirk North councillor Dennis Goldie’s decision to resign the Labour whip, leaving them with just seven councillors.

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The changes mean that the SNP, still a minority administration, with 13 councillors supported by Independent councillor Robert Spears; Labour with seven councillors; the Conservatives with seven; and three Independents.

A report to Falkirk Council on Wednesday will ask members to look at the balance of the committees in light of the change in council membership.

That will give the SNP a crucial extra vote on several key committees.

The report recommends that places on the executive and the education, children & young people executive should be SNP – six, Labour – three andConservative – three.

The report also proposes that the two scrutiny committees will have SNP – four, Labour – two and Conservative – two.

It also suggests allocating places on the planning committee as SNP – five, Labour – three, Conservative – three and Independent – one.

While there will be no changes to the licensing board, it is proposed that the Conservatives take a Labour place on the civic licensing committee.

This will mean the committee would have SNP – four, Conservative – three, Labour – two and Independent – one.

The proposed changes will be considered at a meeting of Falkirk Council on Wednesday.