Star Inn is back on song after changes

A Falkirk pub got an early Christmas present when councillors agreed to extend the hours it can play live music.

The Star Inn had been forced to curtail its entertainment drastically after complaints from a neighbour who said the noise was unbearable.

Investigations revealed that the Grahams Road pub had no insulation at all – and the sound was being carried to neighbouring flats at full volume.

Previously, the licensing board had been told officers from the council’s Environmental Health department told board members that when they had visited the flat above, even normal conversations could be heard from the pub below.

They also noticed a hat stand in the hall was shaking with the vibrations when a singer was performing.

But at Wednesday’s board meeting, manager Vicky Redding told members that a huge amount of work had been carried out to improve soundproofing.

Not only had the carried out work recommended in a consultant’s report, they had gone beyond that and made other improvements.

Andrew Thomson, representing the pub, said: “They have put in a new, lower ceiling and panelling has been replaced in the cellar and in the roof space. Throughout all the measures, Vicky has been in constant communication with their neighbour.”

With the improvements in place, the pub was now looking to increase the number of hours that live music was permitted.

Mr Thomson told members they had no intention of ‘chipping away’ at the conditions and would be happy with the new hours they had requested.

They were granted permission to play live music on Friday and Saturday evenings until 10pm  and on a Sunday until 7.30pm.

As no report was available from the environmental health department, this 
will be reviewed again next June.

The Star Inn was also allowed to sell alcohol from 11 am which they said would be for when football games were being shown.