New local development plan for Falkirk moves closer

Cllr David Alexander
Cllr David Alexander

Councillors have given their support to the scheme that will deliver a second local development plan for Falkirk.

Members of Falkirk Council’s executive approved the Falkirk Local Development Plan Scheme at a meeting on Tuesday.

This report is produced annually, and this year’s focuses on the timetable for an updated local development plan, known as LDP2, which will be in place by next year.

The development plan provides guidance to the use of land and where development should and should not take place.

The council has already published and consulted on its proposed plan and 187 submissions have been received.

These included 405 comments, with 303 seeking changes to the plan, and the council will prepare responses to the issues raised before the plan goes to Scottish Ministers for examination.

Councillor David Alexander said: “This is a straightforward progress report and each stage we move through with second development plan, the stronger it gets.

“It’s important to go through the stages as quickly as possible because it gives us the opportunity to deal with planning applications that are up against weaknesses of LDP1.

“It’s important we address that and move forward as soon as possible.”