Falkirk nightclub granted permission to hold children’s raves

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Temple nightclub has been told it can hold events for children, providing no alcohol is sold during them.

The nightclub on Burnbank Road was back at Falkirk Council’s licensing board for permission to hold events such as Big Fish Little Fish, or children’s raves, as they have been dubbed.

When it had previously asked for permission, managers were told by councillors to improve the lighting, install ramp access and put in a baby change area.

Councillors returned to inspect the premises on May 29 and were impressed by the improvements.

Councillor Allyson Black said: “I visited the premises and was pleased to the lighting was much better.

“My one concern was the baby changing room, which seemed to be in pretty poor condition. There was a bleach bottle lying about and you have to be very careful when children are there. It did not give me a lot of confidence.”

A representative for Temple said that the licensing board visited when there were no customers on the premises and assured them that would never happen when the club was open.

The councillors also granted permission for the club to have a hot dog stand, which could be moved if necessary.