Falkirk Council apologises over mix-up with bin collection dates

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Council officials have had to apologise after a mix-up over bin collection dates left residents unhappy.

Falkirk Council says it is working to correct a “small number” of bin collection calendars that have been showing the wrong collection day.

The council has recently changed many people’s collection days for food waste and black box collections from weekends to mid-week.

It informed them by attaching an information tag to their food caddies.

But one Bainsford resident was unhappy that this was the only means of notification – especially when the online calendar he had downloaded continued to show the wrong date.

Richard Mackintosh said: “I live on my own so I don’t need to put my bins out every week. I find it odd that this was the only way they told people about the change.

“I have downloaded the calendar onto my iPad, so it is annoying to find that it still shows the wrong day for collection.”

Other residents in Stenhousemuir all missed their food waste collection by two days because their calendar showed the wrong date, leaving them waiting over a week for their caddies to be emptied.

A council spokesman said: “There were some technical issues with the changes in collection calendar – with a small number showing the wrong collection day, and these are being corrected as they are identified.”

The council is encouraging people to use their food waste bins.

The spokesman said: “Once collected, the food waste is processed to generate heat and electricity, and 
ultimately compost, which is a great way to increase our 
recycling rate, reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and reduce our 
carbon footprint.”

Food caddies are collected weekly while black boxes for glass, textiles, small electricals and batteries have a fortnightly collection.

Additional information on your recycling service, including what goes into each container can be found at https://www.falkirk.gov.uk/services/bins-rubbish-recycling/household-waste/