Planners reject house plan next to Grangemouth motorway

Falkirk Council once again said no to a plan to build a house right beside the M9 motorway passing through Grangemouth.

Tuesday, 11th February 2020, 12:59 pm

Mr Neil Foy had sought permission to build a house in the substantial back garden of 6 Thistle Avenue but his plans were turned down.

In September, the planning committee had rejected a proposal to build two new houses on the land.

Ten objections to the plans included concerns about flooding in the area, a lack of on-street parking and air quality.

However, the planning officer’s report reveals the reason for refusal is the new house would be ‘out of step with the established townscape character of the area’ and it would result in the ‘the erosion of privacy’ for neighbouring gardens.

They Environmental Protection Unit said they were satisfied there was no problem with air quality – however, it was also noted a noise impact assessment had not been done and being so close to the motorway could prove an issue.