New home plan for Falkirk town centre thrown out

Councillor Pat ReidCouncillor Pat Reid
Councillor Pat Reid
A plan to build a modern looking house in Falkirk town centre was rejected by councillors after a plea from the local history society to preserve the Edwardian and Victorian streetscapes.

Several neighbours also objected to John Anderson’s proposals to build a modern, copper-clad, two-storey house in the garden of 6 Booth Place, with many saying it was not in keeping with the area, while others were worried about a loss of privacy.

Local member Pat Reid was allowed to address the planning committee making the decision and he told them that his main worry was that it would set a dangerous precedent for development that would destroy the character of the area.

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The application was first submitted in April and the committee did not reach its decision lightly, making two visits to the site before finally reaching their verdict.

Planning officers had recommended saying yes to the development with Historic Environment Scotland advising that well designed contemporary buildings are preferable to pastiches.

Some of the 20 objectors felt the windows would impact on neighbours’ privacy but they were told that it is common in urban areas for windows to overlook neighbours’ gardens – as others already do in the area – and the distance of 18m was a sufficient gap.

However, councillors were reluctant to ignore the pleas of the historical society and only two of the ten members present were persuaded to support the application.