Corbyn joins Scottish rally against suspension of Parliament

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn today joined a Glasgow rally against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s prorogation of the Westminster Parliament, while protests raged across the country.

Crowds gathered outside the Scottish Parliament to protest at a perceived attack on democracy, while thousands took to the streets in England and Northern Ireland.

In London demonstraters chanted “Boris, shame on you” while bringing Whitehall to a standstill, although the BBC reports that a small group who support Mr Johnson also appeared.

Meanwhile Mr Johnson asserted the widespread claims that he has suspended Parliament as part of an attempt to force through a no deal Brexit are “completely untrue”.

Earlier this week Falkirk politicians united to condemn the suspension of Parliament, with Falkirk MP John McNally branding the move as “devious” and “totally undemocratic”.

He said: “What we are witnessing is scheming of the highest order and it’s clear that (spin doctor) Dominic Cummings, the hired hand of the prime minister, thinks he is cleverer than ordinary people.

“Constituents have been contacting me to voice their disgust at what’s going on.

“The thought of all this leading to a no deal Brexit is the worst case scenario for business owners and workers alike”.