Cash commitment to Falkirk Council housing

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The next three years will see £143 million invested in housing across the Falkirk area.

According to Falkirk Council £13.5 million will be spent in 2018/19 making improvements to around 5000 properties across the local authority – £8.7 million for re-roofing and roughcasting, £2.7 million for replacement kitchens and bathrooms and £2.15 million for electrical improvements.

Director of housing Stuart Ritchie said: “We have an ongoing commitment to improve our housing in the local area and the level of investment shows our commitment to making this happen.”

A total of £4.2 million will also be allocated for an on-going programme of heating system upgrades, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of around 500 homes and the extension of the combined heat and power system to a further three blocks of high rise flats.

An additional £1.5 million will be spent on a programme of renewable energy efficiency projects, while another £1.5 million will go towards improving local estates.

The council is continuing its new council house building programme with 246 new homes – equating to £47.2 million – to be built over the next three years in Falkirk, Denny, Bonnybridge, Hallglen and Grangemouth.