Candidates looking for your vote

The country is hours away from going back to the polls to decide who will govern the country for the next four years.

Twelve months on from the Westminster elections where it had an unprecedented success, the SNP is confident it will be returned to Holyrood in even greater numbers.

However, the other political parties are not prepared to give up without a fight and those standing locally put their case for selection here.

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In the two constituences, Falkirk East and Falkirk West, there are four candidates standing, one from each of the main political parties – Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrats and SNP. Voters will also have a second ballot paper to make their selection for a list MSP for Central Scotland.

Polling stations across the district will be open from 7am until 10pm on Thursday, May 5.

Ballot boxes will then be taken to Grangemouth Sports Complex and Returning Officer Mary Pitcaithly is expected to announce both results early on Friday.


Gillian Cole-Hamilton (Lib Dems); Alison Harris (Conservative); Michael Matheson (SNP); Mandy Telford (Labour).


Callum Laidlaw (Conservative); Angus MacDonald (SNP); Craig Martin (Labour); James Munro (Lib Dems).