Brexit no deal ‘assumption’ fuels new demands for UK Government rethink

Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson says she can't back a no-deal Brexit.
Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson says she can't back a no-deal Brexit.

The Scottish Government’s Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell today urged Prime Minister Boris Johnston to banish any prospect of a “no deal” Brexit.

His comments are echoed by many MPs and MSPs across Scotland.

Mr Russell was responding to UK Government statements (specifically from Michael Gove) that it is now working on the assumption that Britain won’t gain agreement with the EU by the latest (and probably last) deadline of Hallowe’en.

It’s an outcome widely predicted to cause major fall-out for the Scottish and British economy.

Mr Russell said: “A ‘no deal’ is utterly unacceptable and anyone seriously proposing it, or unconcerned about it arising, needs to change course immediately.

“The reality is the UK is not, and cannot be, ready for a ‘no deal’ EU exit on October 31 – such an outcome would inevitably cause very significant disruption to the lives of ordinary citizens as well as to businesses and long-term harm to our economy.

“We are continuing to press the UK Government to ensure this is avoided by taking no deal off the table.

”At the same time, as a responsible government we will continue to do everything we can to prepare, though it will not be possible to mitigate all the impacts of leaving the EU without a deal.”

Falkirk East and Linlithgow MP Martyn Day summed up the SNP perspective on how the months ahead may shape up, commenting: “It is increasingly clear that Westminster is becoming more extreme and out of touch with Scotland by the day - as the Tory government prepares to take us off the Brexit cliff edge against our will.

“Any pretence that Scotland will be treated as an equal partner in the UK has long been abandoned.

“More and more local residents are concluding the only way to properly protect our interests is with Independence - if we don’t decide things for ourselves, Boris and his cronies will instead”.

Meanwhile Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson’s column in the Mail on Sunday is headlined ‘I’ll deal with Boris -but I can’t back a No Deal”.