Police warning after several sneak-in thefts

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Householders are being warned not to make things easy for thieves after several incidents in the last week.

There have been several sneak-in type thefts in the Falkirk Council area in recent days.

These have all involved people entering homes through an insecure door.

Once inside, the thieves then take property, including car keys with one bold thief even taking the car as well.

This week police said these types of incidents are easily avoided by securing buildings.

Sergeant Ally Goldie of the Larbert Community Team said: “We have criminals operating in our area that will take any opportunity to commit theft, our job is to catch them. It would be better if these crimes did not happen at all and there are easy steps that can be taken to prevent this type of crime occurring.

“I would like to remind the public to be conscious about the safety and security of your property. Please ensure your doors and windows are locked and secure, especially during the night when you are sleeping.

“Thieves will take the opportunity to enter an insecure house and steal your property. Let’s not make it easy for them.”