Police warn of motorway danger

Police have caught more speeding drivers
Police have caught more speeding drivers

Youngsters have been dicing with death by crossing a busy motorway.

Police have issued a warning after the pair were spotted going across the M9 between junction six Earlsgate and junction seven at Hill of Kinnaird.

The incident occurred at 11 p.m. on Saturday, May 5.

Inspector David McKenzie, of Central Scotland Police, said: “We have had several reports of children either playing or walking on motorways. Not only is it putting their own lives at risk but also that of other motorway users.

“This type of behaviour is extremely dangerous. Motorways are not a place for children to play or cross.”

The officer said it was fortunate no-one had been seriously injured or killed.

He added: “We appeal for motorists and passengers to call us immediately on 999 if they see any pedestrians on the motorway. This call could save a life.”