Police issue phone scams warning

Police have caught more speeding drivers
Police have caught more speeding drivers
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People are being conned out of money with promises of a lucrative windfall if they pay up front.

A pensioner was duped into paying a three-figure sum after receiving a call from a bogus PPI company.

However, when she received another call saying the first transaction hadn’t gone through and she had to pay again, she became suspicious and reported it to the police.

An attempt was also made to con an 83-year-old. She was asked to pay a three-figure sum of cash for an outstanding loan through a transfer system and was told that a four-figure sum was already in her account in exchange for the money.

A Central Scotland Police spokeswoman said: “We are asking the public to be very wary of people contacting them demanding money be paid in return for a larger sum of money.

“Should any money be transferred or paid out then the matter should be reported to your bank or building society as a matter of urgency to stop all activity on the account.”

Police are asking people to report any suspicious numbers that appear on caller ID displays or 1471. Call them on (01786) 456000.