Police crackdown on drinking in Falkirk’s streets

PC Blair Rennie and PC Julie Thom get their message across
PC Blair Rennie and PC Julie Thom get their message across

Police have been out in force to hammer home the message consuming alcohol in the street is illegal - no matter how hot the weather.

As well as putting extra officers on patrol in Falkirk town centre this week, handing out fixed penalties for public drinking, an operation last Friday night saw them inspect a number of licensed premises throughout the area.

Carrying out high visibility patrols in areas of anti-social behaviour and checking in on known violent offenders, the operation was part of an ongoing campaign to stamp out violent crime.

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PC Blair Rennie, who took part in last week’s checks, said: “It’s all about keeping people safe by getting police officers out there carrying out regular visits to premises throughout the Falkirk area.

“It reduces the number of licensing offences and associated violent crime and anti-social behaviour, while allowing us to engage with people, which is probably the most important thing.

“These unannounced visits to licensed premises – pubs, clubs, off licenses and anywhere that sells alcohol – will continue over the coming weeks and we will be looking to see licensing standards improved where there is any shortfall.”

Chief Inspector Alan Waddell, Falkirk area commander, added: “The aim of the operation was to work with the licensed premises to ensure they present a safe environment for both patrons and staff to be in.

“While a number of minor licensing offences were detected during the course of the operation, we were pleased with the response we received from staff on the premises and the manner in which the premises were being run.

“We will be conducting a number of further similar operations in forthcoming months in our efforts to reduce anti-social behaviour.”