Poisoners almost put paid to Grangemouth pooch

Maureen and Lexie
Maureen and Lexie
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A dog owner hit out at the actions of “stupid” people who laced sandwiches with rat poison which almost killed her pet.

Maureen Brownlee was walking seven-year-old collie cross Lexie in the town’s Abbotsinch Industrial Estate, near Bo’ness Road, just after 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 28, when the nightmare began.

It led to an emergency dash to a city veterinary hospital and over £500 in vets bills as Lexie’s life hung in the balance.

Maureen, from Grangemouth said: “There was no one around so I let the dog off the lead. Lexie had his nose to the ground and I noticed he was wolfing into something.

“They were cheese sandwiches, but then I noticed something in them. I told a community warden about it and they told me to go to the vets, they would deal with the sandwiches.”

Lexie did not seem unwell after eating the “food” which was scattered around the road and pavement, but Maureen was not taking any chances.

“I took a bit of the sandwich to the vet and he told me right away it was industrial strength rat poison and the bread and cheese must have contained about 30 to 40 pellets.

“The vet tried to do a salt wash to flush the poison out of Lexie’s stomach, but when that didn’t work told us to go to the PDSA hospital in Gorgie, Edinburgh.

“They phoned ahead and told them to expect us. When we got there they gave Lexi a morphine tablet to make him vomit. They said his stomach was full of the pellets and if we hadn’t got there when we did, Lexi would have died.

“If the poison had got into his blood his insides would have broken down and he would have bled internally.”

After a series of blood tests, Lexie has been given the all clear, but Maureen is counting the cost of the close call - a hospital bill of £500 and blood tests costing £125.

Maureen believes the poisoned cheese sandwiches were left by a business in an attempt to rid the area of stray cats.

“I think I know which firm it is, but the police are looking into it. It is someone who doesn’t have a clue about the dangers of doing something likes this.”

Community wardens cleared the area on the Saturday but sandwiches were scattered on the road on the Sunday and Monday.

Central Scotland Police confirmed they were investigating the incident.

“The people doing it are either totally thick or think they are above the law,” said Maureen. “I was told it was a criminal offence to leave something like that lying around hidden in a sandwich - it’s totally irresponsible.

“My granddaughter often comes walking with us - I don’t like to think what could have happened if she picked up one of those sandwiches.”

Maureen thanked staff at Champion Vets in Bo’ness Road and the PDSA Hospital as well as the two community wardens who helped her.