Please don’t judge me pleads Camelon girl

Daniella Clark
Daniella Clark

Heartbroken parents were shocked to learn their young daughter has one of the world’s rarest conditions.

Daniella Clark celebrates her fifth birthday next month, but already weighs twice the average for a child her age.

But her size is not caused by overeating, but rather by ROHHAD – Rapid-onset Obesity with Hypothalamic dysfunction, Hypoventilation and Automonic Dysregulation.

Only 75 children in the world have been diagnosed with the condition.

It leads to rapid weight gain, breathing problems, electrolyte imbalance and can cause cardiorespiratory arrest or death in the most serious of cases.

Even common childhood ailments can prove dangerous.

Parents Sharon Douglas and Barry Clark want to raise awareness of their daughter’s condition and are determined the youngster leads as normal a life as possible.

The mum said: “What we really want is for people to look at Daniella and realise that she has a medical condition. She has a really healthy diet so it is upsetting when you see people looking and drawing the wrong conclusion.”

The Falkirk Herald spoke to Daniella’s parents, the full interview can be read in this week’s Herald.