Plea to save Bainsford Community Centre

Users of the hall are pleading with the community for support to keep it open. Picture: Michael Gillen
Users of the hall are pleading with the community for support to keep it open. Picture: Michael Gillen

A group is calling on residents to step forward to form a group to run a local community hall or face losing the use of it forever.

Bainsford Community Hall in David’s Loan is one of the community centres earmarked to close as part of a mass of budget cuts.

To help make savings of £25 million this year, Falkirk Council will no longer manage community centres from April to cut £190,000 from its annual bills and instead wants communities to take them over to keep them open.

The plan includes local residents or organisations setting up management groups to carry out the day-to-day running of centres – an agreement which already works at some in the district such as in Brightons and Slamannan.

But with the deadline for agreements to be in place less than a month away, Langlees, Bainsford and New Carron Community Council needs residents to step up and help form a group or face losing the facility.

Convener Val Hunter said: “If we don’t organise something soon we will lose this centre. It will be a disaster for many people in this community if it does. It is the only decent place for pensioners to come and enjoy social activities as the Dawson Centre down the road is too small.”

Councillor Craig Martin said: “I am working with the local community to find a new management or group to take over the running of the centre.

“I have already shown one interested group around the centre who were impressed with the condition and size of the facility. I am also in the process of organising a meeting with Val and Age Scotland to see if they are interested.”

Councillor Cecil Meiklejohn said: “I do not believe that this is the right time for the council to look to dispose of community halls. With the Integration of Health and Social Care, the balance of care, particularly for older people, is being moved towards more informal care within the community, halls such as Bainsford Community Centre will be key to being able to do that. I will do all I can to ensure Bainsford Community Centre remains open.”

Anyone interested in being part of the management group should contact Val Hunter at as soon as possible.