Playpark podium as tour stops in Falkirk

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Residents brought their own seats along to a local play park to hear a Labour MP promote the Better Together campaign this week.

Shadow cabinet member Jim Murphy visited Dawson Park in Bainsford on Monday afternoon on the eighth stop of his “100 Towns in 100 Days” awareness raising tour of Scotland.

Mary Rawding (88) and Elizabeth Telfer (72) enjoy a chat with MP Jim Murphy in Dawson Park

Mary Rawding (88) and Elizabeth Telfer (72) enjoy a chat with MP Jim Murphy in Dawson Park

The event saw Mr Murphy talk about issues surrounding September’s independence referendum and answer questions from around two dozenlocal people, including Elizabeth Telfer (72) and Mary Rawding (88) who brought their own folding camper chairs for the occasion, at the event.

Mr Murphy, who said he was concerned about a darkening tone in the debate between the Better Together and Yes campaigns, said: “This referendum is more important than any election and is the most significant decision we will ever take as a country.

“If I thought independence was good for Scotland I would vote for it, but I just cannot see how it would be in our interest to leave the UK.”

Heckled only briefly by a passer-by during his hour-long visit, Mr Murphy took the chance to list the benefits of Scotland remaining part of the UK and the risks he felt independence would bring.

He said: “I respect the SNP’s passion, but they won’t share any of the costs involved or the downside of independence and a change of this magnitude involves a tremendous amount of risk.

“I believe Scotland will be much safer, more influential and enjoy greater prosperity if it remains part of the UK.”