Platform fall woman in pain for two years

Lee Stevenson returns to Larbert railway station
Lee Stevenson returns to Larbert railway station

A woman left in chronic pain after an accident on a railway platform is hoping to find other people who have suffered similar problems.

Lee Stevenson was boarding a train at Larbert Station in February 2009 when she slipped and fell, hurting her ankle and twisting her back.

Lee said: “The train was very high and there was a wide space. My foot went down into the gap and I fell forward into the train.

“I was so embarrassed, I just wanted to get up, and some people came and helped me to a seat.

“But by the time I got to Edinburgh, I was in so much pain, I couldn’t walk. I had to shout out for someone to help me, and they got a wheelchair for me and filled in an accident report.

“I got a taxi to my work but had to leave straight away because of the pain I was in and came back home.”

A few weeks later, Lee was still in pain, particularly in her back.

She said: “I thought it would get better by itself but eventually I had to go to the doctor and was sent for physiotherapy, although that didn’t really help.”

Since then, Lee has paid for private physiotherapy sessions and now attends a chiropractor.

She said: “It’s costing me thousands. But I’m still in pain all the time, and I’ve been using painkillers for over two years now.”

ScotRail expressed its sympathy to Lee but denied any responsibility for her accident and said the case was now closed.

Lee disagrees with Scotrail’s assertions.

She added: “They’re not disputing that I hurt myself, but they are disputing that it’s their fault. I don’t understand it - if the gap was not that wide, I wouldn’t have fallen.

“I’ve been told I need more evidence. I’ve heard other people have had similar accidents but don’t know who they are.

“I’m not looking for lots of money - I just want to cover my costs and get my back fixed.”

The Scotrail spokesman added: “The station meets appropriate regulations, the platform has ‘Mind the Gap’ signs, and an accident report concluded this incident was a result of a misjudgement by the customer.

“There are more than 700,000 passenger journeys to and from the station a year - and our records, dating from January 2005 to the end of February 2009, confirm no other reports of this nature.

“Since then, there has been one report of a passenger falling at this platform, but he stated there was no injury.”

Lee is keen to hear from anyone who has had problems similar to her own at Larbert Station.

You can e-mail her on or phone Glen Millar on 0131 225 4297 quoting reference GM/Stevenson/S0910265.