Plans from High Bonnybridge scrap yard on hold

The All Parts Auto Salvage Site already dominates the landscape for many households
The All Parts Auto Salvage Site already dominates the landscape for many households

A scrap metal firm has applied to have restrictions lifted so it can expand its business.

All Parts Auto Salvage at High Bonnybridge strips down old cars and vans to source re-usable and recyclable parts.

It uses other areas of its site to store vehicles chassis and frames and other types of scrap metal.

The company was granted retrospective planning permission for its decontamination, de-liquidising and dismantling operation by Falkirk Council in June 2015.

But after objections from neighbours who complained about the noise and dust it had to agree to planning conditions to restrict the use of the land for storage.

It also agreed to keep piles of scrap to a certain height and build a screen to hide them from the view of residents in nearby streets.

The company, owned and operated by Angus Braidwood and Sons Limited, now wants the conditions lifted to allow for the storage of additional scrap metal on the north west side of the site and to keep it there on a permanent basis.

It has told the council the additional scrap would be transported from its yard in Falkirk’s Bankside to allow upgrading works there to continue to allow expansion into all types of waste recycling.

Bosses say this will safeguard existing jobs and open up the possibility of creating more employment while the recycling capacity and capability of the company would be vastly improved within the Falkirk Council area.

Planning officers recommended the application be refused, but when the council’s planning committee met it agreed to a request from Bonnybridge Councillor Billy Buchanan to undertake a site visit before making a decision.

Councillors were told the reasons for the conditions being put in place were to ensure the use of the land was suitably controlled in the interest of the amenity of the area because the movement of scrap metal into the north west area had generated complaints from residents.

Nearly 40 objections have been lodged complaining about the impact changing the planning permission could have.

Planning expert Donald Campbell said: “As advised by the environment protection unit, the storage of additional scrap material is likely to cause a significant adverse noise impact to nearby sensitive residential areas.

“The applicant was invited to submit further information, but no response was received within the specified timescale.”