Plans for Airth lead to fears of floods of waste

Plans are being looked at to extract coal bed methane near Airth
Plans are being looked at to extract coal bed methane near Airth

Residents of a flood- hit street hope Scottish Government ministers do not allow plans to drill for methane near their homes to go ahead.

According to SNP Councillor Stephen Bird, householders in Letham Terrace, Letham, have experienced high levels of flooding for a number of years and they fear proposals by Dart Energy Ltd, now owned by IGas, to extract coalbed methane from land near Airth could see waste rolling down their streets.

Councillor Bird said: “The flooding occurs whenever there’s a storm and is affected by tidal influences on the Pow Burn as well as the condition of the drainage infrastructure.

“What will happen if the methane extraction application is given the go ahead and we have that waste adding to the problems? This is the stuff of nightmares for local residents.

“The last thing they want is the waste from coalbed methane extraction flooding their streets.”

Falkirk Council has made various attempts to alleviate the flooding, but none have proved successful according to Councillor Bird.

Almost a full year after a public inquiry on coalbed methane extraction, Scottish Government ministers, who have the final say on the plans, have not yet issued their decision.

Dart Energy stated its proposed project would have low environmental and visual impact.

A spokesman said: “A successful coalbed methane project in Airth will provide significant economic and social benefits to Scotland.”