Planning needs better planning!

BB Notes by Anchorman
BB Notes by Anchorman

Planning is keeping one step ahead of an operation, but one such piece I received this week was either too early or too late.

It read “Could your young people design a new Christmas Card for BB Supplies, ready for sale later this year?” Good that boys in three categories 8s, 8-11 and 11 years upward are invited to submit such designs to be printed and sold. Pity it hits captains’ desks at a time when some companies will be in ‘summer recess’ and others in the midst of camp preparations! However, if you do have boys meeting and you are looking for a wee artistic activity then follow the links on the BB website, but any submissions need to be in by July 10. Yes, that’s eight days after you read this. Think perhaps designs used may just be from English-based units who may follow school term-times there and still be functioning.

The Royal Bank of Scotland is looking to find ‘Scotland’s Real Heroes’ in a new programme being shown by STV. If you’ve ever wondered why in various awards or honours lists why so few BB members feature’ then here’s a chance to nominate a leader or young person locally known to you. Visit for more information.

Alistair Joss who has been our mid Scottish district representative on the BB Scotland Committee for 15 years took his leave at the Battalion Council Meeting on May 14. Whilst still doing work for the Dundee Battalion he is standing down from this post and reminded everyone that a replacement is still needed. Other news imparted by him included that all officers should have their PVG by October also that there would be a new Christian Education resource available this summer called ‘17 (Bible) Stories”’ which should be useful. As Alistair thanked Falkirk & District so too we offer our thanks for his sterling work over the years.