Plagued from both sides now

Oran may not be solely responsible
Oran may not be solely responsible
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It seems more than one business is responsible for the plague of flies which have been pestering local residents.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) pinpointed Oran Environmental Solutions in Abbotsinch Industrial Estate, Grangemouth, as the main source of the problem, carrying out enforcement action earlier this year in order to deal with the issue.

However, last week SEPA officers received reports of increased numbers of flies from residents towards the town centre, making Oran a less likely source for those particular complaints.

Although they would not reveal any company names, they confirmed they were investigating two licensed sites at Grangemouth Docks.

A spokesman said: “SEPA officers have confirmed the presence of flies at one of these sites. The site operator has been contacted and requested to increase their pest control measures as a precaution.”

Continuing to monitor the situation at Oran, SEPA has now identified the main source of flies within the site.

“Officers completed a site inspection at the facility last week and confirmed there was a significant level of fly activity. The source of the current fly infestation was identified as being the incoming household recyclate waste awaiting treatment,” the spokesman said.

SEPA is now discussing proposals with Oran about the best ways to manage this incoming waste.

The spokesman added: “From this point on the company aim to receive and process all waste within 24 hours of receipt, which should significantly reduce the volume of untreated waste on site.

“We have also been in contact with Falkirk Council, which brings the majority of household recyclate material to the site, to confirm how this waste is managed and controlled between collection and delivery to site.”