Pirates (and Princesses) set sail for Falkirk

There's a distinct taste of salt in the air, and that plus the cry of the seagulls can mean only one thing - the (bad) ship the Scurvy Shark is on the horizon again, and heading for Falkirk.

Today the town centre becomes Port Royal (or maybe Tortuga) - minus the Caribbean weather - as a fearsome crew of pirates descend on Falkirk for the annual pirates’ parade.

Pirates and Princesses, young and old, are invited to dress up, bring pirate flags or banners and enjoy the fun in the town centre.

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The grand parade leaves the bandstand at 3.30pm, but there’s lots to do before that, with a town-wide treasure hunt taking place at 12.30pm, 1.30pm and 2.30pm (children must be accompanied by an adult aged over 16).

First here’s a quick test of your pirate knowledge (no Googling).

1) A well-known pirate song contains the line: “Yo ho ho and a bottle of ...”

a) Bacardi

b) Whisky

c) Rum

2) In Treasure Island, the greatest book about pirates ever written, Long John Silver’s parrot is

called -

a) Polly

b) Beaky

c) Cap’n Flint

3) The best-known pirate flag is called -

a) The Blue Peter

b) The Black Pig

c) The Jolly Roger

4) Many pirates were armed with a sword called -

a) A claymore

b) A cutlass

c) A skillet

5) Pirates like to hoard valuable coins called

a) Bitcoins

b) Pieces of Eight

c) Euros