Pines shop owners want improvements in Denny

Retailers are looking for improvements to be made
Retailers are looking for improvements to be made

It’s the small shopping centre that’s slowly defying a national trend by seeing more stores open instead of closing.

But retailers in Fleming Court, Denny, are unhappy with the condition of the pavements and public access to the area, which is maintained by Falkirk Council.

They have complained that recent remedial work has not been of good enough quality.

Known locally as The Pines, after the former pub that once stood there, the precinct is home to a variety of shops.

The latest arrival is Pines Pharmacy, which opened earlier this month after health bosses finally gave their permission.

Stephen Carr, who owns the nearby Nisa store, said: “This area of ground belongs to Falkirk Council’s housing office. It’s been unchanged since the area was built in the early 1970s. Large concrete bollards were in place to protect the old Post Office and the precinct is known to have frequently flooded for many years.

“Now these bollards have been removed and replaced by large metal fencing to protect the concrete slabs which have been in place since 1973.

“Having spent around £500,000 in this precinct since 2011, my business has improved facilities, encouraged new investment, created almost 30 jobs and brought new life and community spirit to this area of Denny.

“My business and employees support council workers and adopt a collaborative method of working with them. This has not worked on this occasion as the housing office has not involved the local businesses and residents in the decision-making process.”

A spokesman for Falkirk Council said: “After the retailers raised concerns, staff from housing services met with them and opened discussions about adjustments that could be made to fences to enhance access to their businesses.

“A meeting was recently held with housing staff, owners of some of the shops and local elected members.

“We have agreed to consider further options to alleviate concerns raised at this meeting, whilst protecting the integrity of the paving.”