Picture perv posted girls’ Facebook images on sex site

Mochrie posted pictures from Facebook onto a sex site
Mochrie posted pictures from Facebook onto a sex site

An Internet troll collected normal pictures of women from their Facebook profiles and posted them onto an adult website.

Ryan Mochrie (23), who formerly lived in Denny, superimposed the face of one of his “victims” onto the body of another women who was having sex. It was just one of the pictures he doctored in this way.

He appeared at Falkirk Sheriff Court on yesterday, having previously pled guilty to a breach of the peace by posting the images last year.

The court heard Mochrie copied “perfectly innocent” photos of his victims, three women aged 16 to 20, and uploaded them to the messaging board of a sex site, where other users added sexually explicit comments.

A police investigation was launched last year after 18 females from the Falkirk area contacted police to complain their faces had been uploaded without their permission to the sexually explicit website.

The site’s purpose is to provide real-life images which users download, print out, and use as porn.

Prosecutor Samantha Brown said three pictures on the website were identified as having been posted by someone with the username FalkirkLad.

After local publicity, Mochrie walked into Falkirk Police Station and identified himself as FalkirkLad.

Ms Brown said: “One of the images from Facebook was altered, and it was the altered image that was posted on the website. It was sexual. The female’s face had been superimposed on an alternative sexually-explicit picture.

“It was a picture of her face imposed on a picture of another female engaging in sexual intercourse. The other pictures were not sexually explicit, but were posted on a website for people who enjoyed sexually explicit images.

“This obviously caused these females upset.”

It is understood a number of other, tampered-with, images of women from the Falkirk area were uploaded by another user, who has not been identified.

Sheriff Derek Livingston continued the case until Friday for more details.

He said: “I have heard a partial narration – I will continue the case so it can be clarified.”

Sheriff Livingston told Mochrie’s defence solicitor Kevin Douglas he would also adjourn consideration of the question of whether there was a “significant sexual element” to the breach of the peace charge.

If the sheriff decides this is the case then Mochrie, who now lives in Kilsyth, will automatically be placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register.