Pets of the Week: LJ and Layna the Denny Dalmatians

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Sisters LJ and Layna are two energetic Dalmatians from Denny.

LJ is five and Layna three. They live with owners Steven O’Connor, his partner Julie Aitchison and their children Keigan (13) and seven-year-old Karla.

Steven said: “They are brilliant, good-natured dogs. I came across Dalmatians a few years ago and I’ve had them both since they were pups, buying them from a breeder in Airdrie.

“LJ is the smart one. She can open doors, put on lights and roll over, where as Layna’s daft. She’d run into the wall if she could.

“They are very fit dogs and enjoy a lot of walking, but they are both in perfect condition.”

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