Pets of the Week: Harry and Dolly

Dolly and Harry
Dolly and Harry

Harry and Dolly live with the Masterman family in Grangemouth.

Dolly is a five-month-old Lhaso Apso Bichon Frise cross and has been with Nyree, Steve, Olivia (13) and Mackenzie (9) since she was two months old. Harry (6) is a Yorkshire Terrier and has taken to his new house mate well.

Nyree said: “Harry is very laid back and doesn’t mind getting picked on by Dolly who likes to boss him around. Dolly was named by Olivia and she is absolutely mad - we got her on Valentine’s Day for Olivia and she has a huge personality. She is very boisterous and playful and loves swimming - she regularly jumps in the bath, the water at the Helix and any puddle she can find!”

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