Petition started to bring back Irn Bru mural

A petition has started to bring back the Irn Bru mural to Cockburn Street
A petition has started to bring back the Irn Bru mural to Cockburn Street

An online petition to reinstate a mural at the site of the former Irn Bru factory has generated almost 500 signatures in a few days.

David Reid started the campaign with and once the petition has 500 signatures, we will send it to the Scottish Government for them to consider.

For decades a mural celebrating the birth place of Scotland’s other national drink was at the gable end of a building near the factory.

Irn Bru moved production to Cumbernauld 2001 and the Cockburn Street site that housed the factory is now an underpass and roundabout.

David said: “We want to restore the Barrs Falkirk mural to its former glory and help preserve the cultural link between the town of Falkirk and A.G. Barrs soft drinks company.”

Parts of the mural can still be seen today, underneath a billboard for an energy company.

A spokesperson for Irn Bru said they had no plans to reinstate the mural, but they appreciated the efforts of Mr Reid.

The spokesperson said: “We are delighted that the people of Falkirk want to celebrate the links between A.G. Barr and the town, as it was the original home of our factory when Robert Barr started his soft drinks business in Falkirk back in 1875.

“Although we have no plans to replace the original Barr’s mural, we are very proud of our heritage and our association with Falkirk and have been involved in projects including the Falkirk Wheel, the donation of two Barr family portraits to Callendar House Museum, and the renewal of the A.G. Barr Heritage Town Trail plaque.”

You can sign the petition at