Peterhead 1 Falkirk 3: Fans Views

Falkirk fans on tour 2020 - Peterhead. Picture: Michael Gillen.Falkirk fans on tour 2020 - Peterhead. Picture: Michael Gillen.
Falkirk fans on tour 2020 - Peterhead. Picture: Michael Gillen.
Here’s what you had to say after Falkirk’s 3-1 win at Peterhead on Saturday.

@NeilSte23114119: “Deserved win. Controlled majority of game but had dodgy spell after the unfortunate own goal. The penalty effectively ended the contest with Peterhead going down to 10 men. Great finishing from Declan.”

Colin Graham: “Great day out, good all round performance, just hope that Falkirk Football Club spend the cash and make McManus an offer that he can’t refuse as i can’t see where else we are going to get goals from.”

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Rena Bryce: “Brlliant result at the weekend lads!! Keep it up and move up the league again.”

Alan Bennie: “Lads and team working hard and we’ll done to all.”

Rab Craig: “Did very well today with conditions underfoot pretty shocking. Keep this going lads.”

Munroe Christie: “Excellent today.”

Ralph Anderson: “Conor Sammon’s hold up play was great looked more of attacking threat today.”

Michael Anderson: “Utter Fabulous, Bang Bang”

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John Fairley: “Looking good hope this is the start of a winning run well done Declan hope you stay till the end of the season and beyond. Lee and David getting it together now. COYB”

Tom Mayes: “Top player hope we can keep him been outstanding.”

Marshall Fleming: “Let’s hope he stays and scores a barrel load of goals to win us the league.”

Rab Mullin: “Well done Declan and the lads”

William Anderson: “Slowly building a head of steam which will hopefully see us pull away at the top.”

Frank Kleiner: “Get McManus signed on a contract now ....”

Tara Mcphie: “Get in.”