Pet of the Week: Oscar, Miniature Pinscher


Three-year-old Miniature Pinscher dog Oscar lives with his owners, Eleanor and Dougie Williamson.

Oscar is described as a complete livewire who can walk for hours and tire out his owners with his boundless energy.

He is also a friendly and cute little chap.

Eleanor said: “We had a Doberman before, so we’ve gone to the other extreme now with a miniature Pinscher.

“He’s about the size of a cat at only 12 inches high, but he has a big character. We’ve had him since he was a pup, and when he was young, my husband could take him out for two-hour walks and he wouldn’t get tired.

“I would recommend the breed, but I think owners would have to have a lot of energy.

“But he has totally taken over our hearts.”

The Williamsons live in Sauchie, but Dougie is from Bainsford and reads The Falkirk Herald every week.

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