Pet of the Week: Lola the Lhaso Apso


Lola is 22 weeks old and lives with her owners, Falkirk Herald photographer Lisa McPhillips and her husband Stephen.

Lola was bought as a suprise birthday present for Lisa, and the couple are loving having Lola around.

She is a very good-natured puppy with a great temperament.

She loves being around people and loves kids, she also loves the outdoors.

As a puppy she is still learning a lot of things, but she is a very good learner and picks up commands very quickly.

Lisa would recommend Lhaso Apsos as pets as they are great fun to be around.

Lola attends puppy classes and picks things up very quickly, however she does have her moments.

Lola is fun-loving and great fun.

Lisa said: “She’s into everything just now.

“She really loves her pink bone and her duck.

“But she’s great, she makes you smile if you’ve had a bad day!”

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