Pet of the Week: Lexie Lo-lo the Labrador

Lexie Lou-lo the Labrador
Lexie Lou-lo the Labrador
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Lexie Lou-Lo is a beautiful chocolate brown Labrador that loves to be the centre of attention and brings great joy to her family in Stenhousemuir.

The five-year-old was bought as a pup from a breeder in Edinburgh by Julie and Ian McGregor.

Julie (25), who runs a hairdressing salon, said: “Kevin was out fishing and one of his friends brought along a brown Labrador. He was so impressed with how it behaved that he suggested we get one.”

Julie had dogs growing up but it was a first pet for Kevin.

She added: “Lexie Lou-Lo was not very obedient as a puppy but she is amazing now. She likes to be treated like a person - she has to be centre of attention and does not like being ignored. But she is very friendly and great with other people.

“She loves nothing more than going on big, long walks through the countryside so she can get covered in mud. She likes getting absolutely filthy.”

Julie and Kevin both recommend Labradors as perfect family pets.

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