Pet of the Week: Labradors Ginny and Roxy

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Labradors Ginny and Roxy came into Lynn Eadie’s life separately when their original owners sadly had to give them up because they could not look after them any more. Lynn said: “One family had a child with allergies and the other owners just did not have the time or the space to take a dog out.” Black lab Ginny (2) is the excitable boss, while mellow chocolate lab Roxy (1) is happy to follow on behind when Lynn takes them out for walks in the fields near her home in Dunmore Village, Airth. “There was a rivalry at first,” said Lynn. “Now they’re inseparable. Ginny would spend all her time outside if she could and Roxy’s quite happy to follow at the back. My boyfriend and I had never owned labradors before, but they are both great dogs with good temperaments.”

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