Pet of the Week: George the Pug

George the Pug
George the Pug

Leanne Baxter travelled all the way down to Leeds five years ago to get a very special present for husband Steven.

That little package grew into a much loved family member and a Maddiston celebrity called George.

Leanne said: “Steven just loves pugs and we’ve had George since he was eight weeks old. There weren’t many pugs around the area when we got him, so a lot of people didn’t know what kind of dog he was. He gets a lot of attention from people.

‘‘When he isn’t recharging his batteries with a power nap during the daylight hours, George can often be found sitting in the window acknowleding his growing fanbase as they pass by.

“People wave to him all the time. He loves playing with children and is just a funny, good natured dog.”

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