Pet of the Week: Damian and Kaizer

When owner Dawn Millar calls German Shepherds Damian and Kaizer her “babies” she’s not kidding.

The two dogs, aged four and three respectively, are part of the family and Dawn (31) cannot imagine her house in Tamfourhill being without them.

She said: “I work with children so I don’t want any of my own. I’ll just stick with my four-legged babies.”

A lover of the breed for years, Dawn acquired the furry cousins from Blackpool and they immediately made themselves at home.

“They are full of cheek and mischief, but loyal and protective. Damian is brilliant with kids; they can pull him all over the place,’’ said Dawn. ‘‘Kaizer just tries to stay away from kids though.”

Unfortunately Kaizer is not very well at the moment, but he is still lively and, although he has to rest on occasion, still gets in his three walks a day.

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