Pet of the Week

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Catching up with Falkirk’s four-legged friends.

WHERE ARE YOUR FROM?: I live in Grangemouth but was born in Falkirk.

WHO IS YOUR PET?: Cheeky Boy, a British Bombay cat.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU him?: Since March 2010.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE him?: I went along to the Moira Hunter Cat Protection Centre in Alloa and I saw him at the window. I looked at him and loved him! Later I had it verified that he is a British Bombay cat.

WHAT’S HE LIKE TO LIVE WITH?: He gets on well with the family dog, which is a cross between a Labrador and German Shepherd, and the other four cats. He is a 
good companion who cuddles up to me and 
likes kisses between the ears.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND him AS A PET?: He is a great cat. Every home should have a pet. If I was an MP I would make it compulsory.

DOes he HAVE ANY SPECIAL TALENTS?: He climbs up and perches on the television, watching what is happening all around. His real talent is to be loving. He is a joy to be with.

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