Pet of the Week

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Catching up with four-legged friends in the Falkirk area

WHAT IS YOUR NAME? Jack and Claire Vanderster.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM? Stenhousemuir.

WHO IS YOUR PET? Miy the four-year-old papion, and Bella-Rose, the one-year-old pomeranian.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU HAD THEM? Since they were puppies.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE THEM? Claire grew up with papions in the family and loved the breed, and Bella was bought as a companion for Miy.

WHAT ARE THEY LIKE TO LIVE WITH? Great. They get on so well and are very protective of their owners. They don’t need too much walking but can go for long walks as they have a lot of stamina. Claire grooms them every eight or 10 weeks, but still thinks they are low-maintenance dogs.

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THEM AS A PET? Definitely. They are no loving, and are brilliant with young children.

DO THEY HAVE ANY SPECIAL TALENTS? Bella, when she is annoyed or trying to get some attention, can make a noise like Chewbacca from Star Wars.

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