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Catching up with our four-legged friends

What is your name? Kirsty Hoggan.

Where are you from? Larbert.

Who is your pet? Meg, the four-and-a-half year old Black Labrador.

How long have you had them? Since she was a few weeks old.

Why did you choose them? My family have always had black labradors. My parents’ dog is Gem, so I decided that I would get one of my own and I just changed the letters for her name.

What’s she like to live with? Great. She’s a perfect companion. She is really with me 24/7. She comes to work with me at my stove and fireplace shop in Kincardine. She greets the customers, she’s just great. I really couldn’t have picked a better dog. She is also a very, very clever dog and is very aware of everything going on around her.

Would you recommend them as a pet? Absolutely! Black labradors are the best breed. They have such a good temperament and are great with children.

Do they have any special talents? Yes! She is with me in the morning when I’m going through my routine of getting ready and takes everything in. One day I sprayed some air fresheners and she lifted her front paw and then the other one. It’s like she think it’s deodorant and knows what to do.

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