Pet of the Week

Cameron Moran and Jasper
Cameron Moran and Jasper

Catching up with Falkirk’s furry friends

What is your name? Debbie Hanna.

Where are you from? Grangemouth.

Who is your pet? Jasper, a two-year-old black labrador.

How long have you had them? I got him through a friend when he was just eight weeks old.

Why did you choose them? Because they are good natured, friendly, good with kids. Labradors are highly intelligent, easy to train 
and eager to please.

What’s he like to live with? He’s had his moments, and he can get up to mischief. He loves to shred up paper for example, but most 
of the time he’s very good and just wants you to play with toys. He’s a very loving dog, and just wants to be everyone’s friend. He’s loyal, affectionate, very placid and a friendly laid-back dog.

Would you recommend them as a pet? I would definitely recommend him. He’s loyal, loves both people and other dogs and is great with children. One of my nieces likes to dress him up and my other niece sits on him and pretends he is a horse. He loves going for his walks where he gets to meet his doggie friends and can play off leash.

Do they have any special talents? He can sniff out treats from a mile away!