Pet of the Week

Bailey the dog
Bailey the dog

Catching up with Falkirk’s four-legged friends

Where are you from? Bonnybridge.

Who is your pet? Bailey, a four-year-old black lab cross.

How long have you had them? Almost three weeks.

Why did you choose them? Ian and I (Donna) went to Dog’s Trust at West Calder and liked him instantly. Fraser and Caitlyn put the seal of approval on the deal the next day and he was with us the following Thursday. We chose Bailey because he was a friendly, and a strong boy who was great with the kids.

WHAT’S HE LIKE TO LIVE WITH? He’s great. He’s full of energy outside and loves playing fetch with his ball. He is quiet and calm inside the house and he is very well house trained. He loves getting cosy on his bed and having a nice nap.

Would you recommend them as a pet? Yes we would recommend him as a pet because he is very clever and bright but calm and very good natured.

Do they have any special talents? Bailey’s special talent is swimming. He loves jumping into the canal to see the ducks.