Pet of the Week

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​What is your name? Jennifer Irvine.

Where are you from? Bantaskine.

Who is your pet? Scrappy, the five-year-old miniature Rottweiler.

How long have you had them? I’ve had him for about three years.

Why did you choose them? He originally belonged to a neighbour who lived down the road. He was moving into a flat which didn’t allow dogs so we were asked if we could take him in.

What’s he like to live with? He’s lovely. He loves to cuddle and sit at your feet. When we are out and about everyone always stops to look at him and people even take his picture.

Would you recommend them as a pet? Definitely. Infact I would get another one if I could find one like him. It’s a great breed, and if I could find a female of the breed, I would breed them.

Do they have any special talents? No, he doesn’t, and we’re not working on anything. He’s lovely as he is, so I just leave him alone.