Pet of the Week

Laura Wilcox and Brodie
Laura Wilcox and Brodie

Catching up with Falkirk’s four-legged friends

What is your name? Laura Wilcox.

Where are you from? Dennyloanhead.

Who is your pet? Brodie, a 15-year-old 17hh Belgian warmblood.

How long have you had them? I’ve had him for 10-and-a-half years.

Why did you choose them? Brodie had been imported from Belgium and I bought him from a dealer in Lesmahagow. He had only been in the country two days when I snapped him up. He was a lucky find and it was love at first sight!

What’s he like to live with? It’s hard work taking care of a horse, but absolutely worth it. I think that Brodie is one-in-a-million, and he’s a big gentle giant. He’s also very well behaved and he’s just the best. I keep him at a livery yard 10 minutess from home. He is one in a million and never puts a foot wrong, always looks after me and is great to work (live) with. I had a pony when I was younger and another horse before Brodie and while I loved them all, he has been my shining star.

Would you recommend them as a pet? Definitely. It’s a lot of work, especially in the winter, so it is a big commitment in terms of space and upkeep. But if you have the time and commitment then it’s very rewarding.

Do they have any special talents? Brodie is fantastic at cross country, show jumping and dressage, but he also enjoys the quieter things in life like hacks round the countryside now he’s getting a bit older.