Pet of the Week

Goldie the dog
Goldie the dog
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Catching up with Falkirk’s furry four-legged friends

What is your name? Edith Dishington.

Where are you from? Brightons.

Who is your pet? Goldie, the 14-year-old Shih tzu.

How long have you had him? Since he was a pup at just eight weeks old.

Why did you choose him? My neighbour had a shih tzu and I really liked the breed. I asked my neighbour to bring the dog round, and I decided I would get my own. We contacted a breeder whose bitch had just had a litter and he was with us the next day.

What’s he like to live with? Super. He is very loyal and a great companion. He’s a really nice dog to have around.

Would you recommend them as a pet? I would definitely recommend shih tzus. They are great company and you get lots of love and affection back. They are also a really nice size, so you can opt for long or shorter walks.

Do they have any special talents? Unusually for the breed, Goldie used to beg when you asked him to. I could also ask him to speak and he would bark for something.