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Alfie puts other dogs in the shade
Alfie puts other dogs in the shade
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Four-legged friends from the Falkirk area

Where are you from? Larbert.

Who is your pet? Alfie, aged three - he’s a Cockapoo (Miniature Poodle crossed with American Cocker Spaniel).

How long have you had him? Three years.

Why did you choose him? Dani was checking out dogs on-line and saw his picture when he was born. We went all the way to Wales to pick him 

What’s he like to live with? Fantastic, he is very bright and always wants to please us. He’s great fun and everybody loves him. He’s a really cool dog and is always pleased to see you when you come into the house.

Would you recommend them as a pet? Without a 
doubt. It is a very intelligent breed, and they don’t cast hair so they are great for allergies. He is also fantastic with kids - definitely the best thing we have ever 

Does he have any special talents? Oh yeah! He can speak, sit, spin round, roll over, beg when asked and he’s also a hard worker in the office at work. Although he is prone to show you his behind when he comes in from a walk to check it’s ok! Oh, and he is very good at football.