Pet of the Week

Kai the bulldog
Kai the bulldog

Catch up with Falkirk’s fetching four-legged friends

What is your name? Ben Grant.

Where are you from? Falkirk.

Who is your pet? My pet is British bulldog, Kai.

How long have you had him ? I’ve had him since he was about seven weeks old, and he’s now about 19 months.

Why did you choose him ? I’ve always really liked the breed, and it’s a bit unusual too. I picked him from a litter of one boy and three sisters just because he was the only boy.

What’s he like to live with? He’s great to live with. He’s a real character. He’s got a great temperament and is a really friendly dog.

Would you recommend them as a pet? Definitely. It’s a great breed and they have good temperaments. Sometimes I think they can be prone to a bit of bad health, but as long as you have the money for some vets bills it’s fine. They are worth it.

Do they have any special talents? Not really, not yet, but there’s plenty of time for that.